All the Shepherd Group of Bands came together for our annual Spring Concert and the Joseph Rowntree Theatre in York.

The concert was titled Enter the Galaxies and was space music themed, the inspiration for which came for the 50thanniversary of the first moon landing. The conductors had come up with quite an imaginary programme incorporating as many space tunes and titles as they could.

Brass Roots set the evening off with music title twinkle, twinkle little star, fly me to the Moon to the theme from the clangers, they played a number of other space music entertaining the audience as they arrived.

The curtain went up and Katie Wannop made her debut as the Academy Band conductor, the Academy Band thrilled us with a number of pieces including the Dr Who theme and the march starchaser.

A quick changeover as Craig Brown brought on the amazing Youth Band reprising their Ripon Entertainment programme which had gained them 3rdplace overall  out of  a field of 14 Bands. Their programme included pieces like the Final Countdown, Jupiter’s theme and the concert finisher Dark Side of the Moon.

The curtain fell before opening again to reveal the hugely entertaining Concert Band, Mike Pratt was at his best ably support by the band playing pieces such as Rusalka’s  Song to the Moon, Moon river. They ended the first half with their usual panache and style playing David Bowie’s Starman.

The second half opened with the Senior band playing the concert’s title music Enter the Galaxies with antiphonal players spread around the stage. Rob Illsley played the beautiful cornet solo  Song of the Night Sky.  The mood was lightened by the theme for the Cantina Band from Star Wars. The senior band like to finish with a “biggy” and you can’t get much bigger that Holst’s Mars from his planet suite.

A short break and whilst the Senior Band were joined on stage by players from the Concert and Youth bands, well over a 100 players on stage all joined together to play Eve of War from War of the Worlds with lighting and sound effects rounding off a fantastic evening of space themed music.